Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly 2016 Term 2

Team 1: Things that they really like
Team 2: Team 2 is learning about seasons
Autumn, Summer, Winter & Spring.
Team 3: Grand Designing
Designing anything that they want
Team 4: Comic Books
Team 4 is reading comic books & making their own
With help of the teachers
Team 5: The battle of the Wakas
Colours, Using the stars to guide their way through, The blue ocean, Ancestors guiding the way & Help of the people

The beginning of term 2 2016 starts today. Nothing better to start us off with a Immersion assembly the term is about art but really the title is (As I see it). Knowing that just the subject is about art this whole term it’s really awesome exactly Team 1 is doing things that they like  favourite things, Team 2 is doing season like winter.... It gets better team 3 are doing grand design more better by the second team 4 Wow!! Their doing comics reading comics making comics really awesome. The best for last team 5 the seniors of pt england school are doing the battle of the wakas.

Pt england school has year 1s - year 8s that is amazing! Awesome I really don’t want this term to finish.

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