Friday, 8 September 2017

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Smokes are not worth it?

The Cost of Tobacco, is $25 & 30 cents. My group ( The fresh cut ) labelled somethings on this poster.
We reckon that you should read, what we listed down blow.

I have also listed some links, if you are smoking. But would only like to quit!

  1. The dark side ( which is tobacco ) Can lead you to death 
  2.  The light side. ( Supports the right side ) Because you can get more products, than just a packet of smokes 
  3. $25 worth can get you healthy food 
  4. Also has the link to where you can quit smoking. Or  

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Word problems - Week 1

WALT -Solve problems using various strategies - Read various types of graphs
Word problems : Week 1 - Solving them with my number knowledge! 

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Key Competency - Managing Self

WALT: 1. Show how much progress we can make in one literacy session
2. Articulate what we are learning about.

Kia Ora

Today our class is focusing on our Key Competencies. Our aim was to stay on task and see how much progress we make for reading and writing in one morning block. This should set the standard for how much work we complete each time we have literacy.

My progress in 1 hour : 

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Accidental Plastics

WALT: Use prior knowledge along with information in the text to interpret abstract ideas.

I've been working on & reading about Accidental Plastics. So like something that was a mistake, but yet it was new invention. My thought right now is 8 pool balls, do you know what their made out of?? The material of it? Well there was a man called, John Wesley Hyatt he's a scientist. He tried to win a prize by using cellulose, plant-based material. Mix with other ingredients. He accidentally spilt some, he noticed that the mixture formed a thin film that was strong and flexible. It was a Billiard plastic form. PLASTIC, accidentally made.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Term 2 - Back from Home, and I'm looking forward to?!

Term 1, P.E finished with a special assembly. Pt England's principal Mr Burt, would always tell us about his friend " Collin ". The three R's, Road, Rail and River. How to keep safe! His word's were, 1 - Stay safe joining the Holidays, 2 - Don't play on the road or you might get squashed or flattened by a car, ( this is when his friend " Collin " comes into play ) 3 - His friend was almost close to dying. ( I don't wanna write the whole story because I gotta get the other part finished, what I'm looking forward to ). 

Anyways the holidays are done, and now it's time for Term 2. I'm obviously looking forward to rugby union for the school. It's gonna be 1 hell of a ride with the boys. 

Our Immersion Assembly brought back memory's. Mr Blakey, he told us stories. But he left in term 1, It was nice to hear Mr Blakey tell us one more story. 2k17 Staring   Now That's Thinking!