Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Chocolate Game

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Finally we started the game & a boy good Bradley rolled the first and we went clockwise after 10 turns it my turn & and was surprise that I a six on the first roll I put the clothing that was on the floor & I had 4 or 5 pieces of chocolate. When I was done eating at least 4 or 5 pieces of chocolate someone else roll a six and he eat 2 chocolate pieces. Next time I got the dice I was gonna cheat I got napped by my teacher but I rolled another six & I only eaten one chocolate  

On the 27 of October at 9:35 a.m my teacher called Mr Somerville invent a game called the chocolate game. What you need is any kind of clothing and put it in the middle of the circle with a fork and butterknife on a plate with chocolate & you need a dice. Mr told us the rules only way to get the chocolate is to roll a 6 with the dice then put on the clothing and then cut the chocolate with the knife and fork.

Restaurant Birthday

Image result for indian pepper restaurantTwo week’s ago on saturday on the 10th of oct just me & my 2 sisters went to go celebrate my sister birthday. In my family I have 2 sister’s and 2 brothers. My sister's are Laita it was her birthday she’s 14 now my other sister is luta. It was 4.30 pm we had 45 dollars to spend we went to a restaurant called Indian pepper. We had a special meal for only 10 dollars. The meal is curry & some soft bread with rice 3 meals for only 30 dollars. Only available between 12:00-3:00 lunch times. So I ask my sister laita and luta what would you chose out of a restaurant an Indian restaurant or chinese restaurant.

Can snow wolves live in the dessert Yes or No

This term we are learning about how do different animals live in a place that's that some post to be in that space. I notice that most animals die when there in the dessert. But this snow wolf live in the dessert more then other animals.  When I was done with my animal I thought snow wolves will not be able to live in the dessert so then I did some thinking an then went on line & it had the information.Watch the to find how snow wolves live If it does not make sense then please post a comment on this video.