Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Chocolate Game

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Finally we started the game & a boy good Bradley rolled the first and we went clockwise after 10 turns it my turn & and was surprise that I a six on the first roll I put the clothing that was on the floor & I had 4 or 5 pieces of chocolate. When I was done eating at least 4 or 5 pieces of chocolate someone else roll a six and he eat 2 chocolate pieces. Next time I got the dice I was gonna cheat I got napped by my teacher but I rolled another six & I only eaten one chocolate  

On the 27 of October at 9:35 a.m my teacher called Mr Somerville invent a game called the chocolate game. What you need is any kind of clothing and put it in the middle of the circle with a fork and butterknife on a plate with chocolate & you need a dice. Mr told us the rules only way to get the chocolate is to roll a 6 with the dice then put on the clothing and then cut the chocolate with the knife and fork.

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  1. I Tj I like your blog post about your chocolate game with Mr Somerville. All you need to work on is just you punctuation. But overall I think you did a very good job.


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