Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Narrative Fiji sevens

As I held my medal in my hand smiling for the picture that was about to be taken. A successful & outstanding achievement. For what my team has achieve for our families & country. The friendship with my team was amazing our start to the end with each other… But it wasn’t the end YET!! The last team that we vus was extremely harder than we thought they were. Their technique was on point as if they were like new outstanding technology… None of us was even sure if they were that right team. Fast like flash. The coach said to us, the international Fijian team, "Can you hear that crowd going wild like headless chickens?" It was a metaphor to congratulate the victorious team. It was our final game for the Olympics. Fiji's vus is Great Britain. Our past game against Argentina was intense. Every second and minute, we feared of losing the semis which would rip us off finals. We gave it more than 100 %, but we were more vicious & hunger than they were.. We knew it from the start that we would make it this far. But we didn’t want to be too confident. Coming so far why would we stop now?!!.. Both teams jogged on to the field with the crowd surrounding and cheering them on. We sang the national The siren buzzer went off starting the game.

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  1. Well done Tj it was outstanding work I can tell you put a lot of effort into it cant wait to read more of your narrative writting

    From: Richard


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