Thursday, 4 August 2016

Now till then!!

Centuries ago their was a Village called Olympia… That was the first time in history of the year 1886 they had Olympics back then pregnant woman or married womans wasn’t allowed to participate or watch men in the  ancient Olympics also their completed in the nude. There was also only two sports that their could participate in. But now it’s the 21st century everything is demeanor. People only have one chance to prove the world that their one of the best in the world they only have 4 years to train the 5th year that’s when their gain respect..

In the year of 2016 there are 3 teachers battling it out for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place their telegrapher Miss Tela the pack of the TEAM 5….. 1st up Miss Berry competing proudly for her country “AUSTRALIA” she’s asked “ What makes you think that you have a shot to take 1st place”. She says ( Because I have been focused on this for a very long time) she proudly says her chant ( Oz Oz Oz ) but their is no one there for her how disappointing is that.. Her attitude demeanor right on the spot. She starts her dance ohh what a spin by miss Berry ohh no she didn’t she does a cartwheel that was quite a dance Judges what do you think of that dance Ooo low scores 4 & a 3 that will be easy to beat…. Now for Miss Clark Miss Clark is asked the same thing “ What makes you think that you have a shot to take 1st place”, I think I have a great opportunity to win this also no one is good like me soo…. Woow how cocky can she be

Now for the 1st and last time representing the US  MISS CLARK the crowd goes  “WILD” .  it’s finally time for her chart right now ( USA, USA, USA, USA ) everyone is chanting for her USA USA USA USA… Oh that's cold look at Miss Berry's face she looks more than angry I think she’s jealous. Miss Clark’s dance will be hard to top look at her moves she's on fleek today just look like that she was built for this….. Back flip, front flip & finishes off with a cart wheel. Judges what do you think of that really awesome dance. Ohh I wasn’t expecting that but i think it will be hard… 7 & 8 that will be hard it will if Mr Wise Man pulls a miracle to beat that score.

Supporting the NEW ZEALAND side Mr Wise man... He smiles what brilliant white teeth. That goes show KIWIS look after their body. The crowd is one firer clapping and singing KIWIS at the same time I would be proud if I was him.. Again he is asked “ What makes you think that you have a shot to take place” Well I have done a lot of exercise, running & I will become a super to my little girl at NEW ZEAL A.. He dances well side flip, front flip, back flip and finishes off with the splits… He should be huffing & puffing the judges give him a 10 10 & a 10 OMG!!! He has fainted the paramedicals is comes onto the stage & their say that he is disqualified because he has been taking DRUGS his eyes are red & numed… That means MISS CLARK IS THE WINNER!!! I’m really sure that his country might be pretty embarrassed after what happen right now………. The judges are mad because they're from NEW ZEALAND

& they lived happily ever after          

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