Thursday, 28 July 2016


WALT: I can use multiplication and division facts that I know to find a fraction of a set
Sometimes I can't solve equivalent fractions all by myself... but I learn't that I can
divided it by a number or another way is to use your times table but only the ones
that can't be divided..  

Friday, 8 July 2016

Olympics 2016 RIO "BRAZIL"

It is time to get creative! For this bonus activity you are asked to design a simple logo for the next Summer Olympic Games. They will be held in Tokyo, Japan in 2020. The Olympic committee in Japan has already created four possible options for the logo (see below) but I think that you can create something even more interesting and attractive! To create a logo I would suggest that you use the Design Mantic website. Click on the Design Mantic link. It will bring you to the homepage for the site. Enter ‘Tokyo 2020’ into the ‘Company Name’ box and select ‘Sport & Fitness’ from the drop down menu in the  ‘Industry’ box. From there you can create your own logo. When your logo is finished, copy and paste it onto your blog along with a short explanation of your design.

Ancient Olympics

Image result for 1894 olympicsIn 1894, a man named Pierre de Coubertin decided that it was time to reintroduce the Olympic Games to the world. He started a committee called the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The IOC held the first modern day Olympic Games in Athens, Greece in 1896. Four years later the IOC held a second Summer Olympic Games in Paris, France and four years after that, another summer games in St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America. This year the Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Olympic Games will be held from 5 to 21 August 2016. Each time that a city hosts a Summer Olympic Games they are asked to create their own unique mascot and logo. Here are the mascots from the Summer Olympics in London, England (2012) and in Sydney, Australia (2000).

Ancient Days

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Milo of Kroton pic.jpeg
Back in the ancient days when their have Olympics instead of a gold medal, the winner had a palm leaf placed in their hands and a crown placed on their head to show that they were the winner. A man named Milo was called a winner because of the crown on his head...During the ancient Olympic Games, men were allowed to compete in the events but women were not. In fact, women were often forbidden from even watching the games. To be honest Married women were not allowed to participate in, or to watch, the ancient Olympic Games. However, unmarried women could attend the competition, and the priestess of Demeter, goddess of fertility, was given a privileged position next to the Stadium altar so that means Married women were not allowed to participate in, or to watch, the ancient Olympic Games, but unmarried woman are

Sports - Ancient Olympics


C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Image - Stadium (Ancient Olympics).jpg
Ancient Olympics the year of 2792, out of running, wrestling, boxing, pankration, horse racing and pentathlon running sprints.... Sprints is really awesome its to see were you are with your fitness level & how far can you run with out stopping. But really running is really easy if I was to chose something hard to compete in I would chose a sport that really is difficult like horse racing that's awesome.. Then I really won't get and award if I don't at lest I will look on the bright side, trying my hardest to win or come 1st, 2rd or 3rd I think people will look on the bright side if people don't then they will probable call me a loser because I didn't prove to them that I of being a winner.... Would you call me a winner if I didn't get anything?

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Maori language

WALT:We are trying to speak {TE REO MAORI} fluently
Maori language is put to the stage that it is almost lost.. People should be proud
not scared of trying to speak Maori. People embarrass others because they think
that they got it wrong.. I invite you to a place that no one else can imagine if your Maori
please teach these people so they won't be scared in the inside of their heart's...

Monday, 4 July 2016


The performance that was held at pt England school. Also is a celebrations
of the six stars of "MATARIKI"