Thursday, 31 March 2016

Easter Brainstorm

Brainstorming about Easter. What did you do for Easter? For me Easter is about a family spending time together. Finding would be fun everything about Easter should be awesome. Even chocolate should good to eat I like chocolate do you? I'm pretty sure that Easter is about chocolate making happiness going around the world just like Santa. Hiding chocolate Just so we can find them. Hitting house second after second.  

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Digital Learning Objects

Hi my name is Tj. This is my DLO standing for digital learning object. In every picture that you see something about myself. Can you see that book on the bottom left. Well that one books I really like reading books in my spare time. On the right you can see I'm a fan of the Sydney roosters. On the top left is league of leagues right is about my culture Tongan I am half Tongan & half Niue-an. Finally in the middle is me that is what I look like now. See Ya!!!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Solving fractions

WALT: Use multiplicative strategies to solve problems
Multiplicative strategies is kind of hard with fractions. Easy to find out the answer but
hard to work out that problem. Brain storm in your head it can be very tricky but every single
time you brain storm it becomes more & more easy for you to do. I find fractions very hard
everything that has to do with fraction is for me that's why I work with a buddy.

Friday, 18 March 2016

How would it feel?

Image result for accomplishingLast year the year 2015 I have gained trust from my teachers also from my friends it took 2 terms for me to earn their trust but it was worth it. I was so glad that they gave me their trust & I gave my trust to them as a return to what they have given to me. Trust means like that you really have hope in someone that won’t hurt you in anyway. Like um … you trust someone to take care of your baby when need to go out for something special in the present.
The same year but just leading onto the school holidays. I have achieve one of many things that year like being the fastest year 6 in East Auckland ( Do You Know How It Feels? ). It was awesome that night I achieve one of my goals lucky I didn’t cry that night that would of be embarrassing.

Some things I would like accomplish in 2016 is my teacher's trust the same as last year. I know it will a long time but when I'm silly that would a problem. I really looking forward to what the school in providing for us like Swimming, Starting tek in tamaki college & Fitness for year 7 & 8.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Problem Sloving

Problem solving is about problems that are hard for you solve. Solving 3 questions
beyond your level every week. When every week goes past the more harder it gets
question after question.  As you can see that I use Mult/Add for that week of problem

Monday, 7 March 2016


WALT: Making inferences from a text
We are answering question that lead to poems. Their are only 5 different kinds
of poems that we have to answer. Questions like this should be hard but really
it was so easy for me & my buddy. We did the first poem as a class if you click on
the links it will to the poem. The 7th slide is the most easyest of them all.

Friday, 4 March 2016


On the 3rd of March was softball day. I woke up late for school but I'm pretty sure that I went to sleep at 8:30 pm. That night before softball I myself & my mum was getting ready for the big day. As soon as I woke up I rush to get my clothes on I didn't have a shower because I was late I was post to be at school by 8.00 am. When I was at school I did the same thing like who else was late rushed towards the desk at the officers to buy a ticket. Only cost 3$ dollars for the bus ride no biggie. I'm a year 7 by the way change into my P.E t-shirt went to were the team was in the hall we did a heimi. The bus arrived our head sports teacher told us to get the equipment. As soon as I got there we were walking towards the bus. The year 7-8s were the only ones that were playing at the auckland champs.

We arrived everyone got the equipment out of the bus really fast. We started running for our spot like their was no tomorrow. H & F. Do you know what that means? It means hard & fast. Really fast towards our spot. We were spice into boy & game team year 7 girls team, year 8 girls team, year 7 boys team & finally year 8 boys team. I had a game at 10.00 that was a lucky win 3-2 runs was the score. As I notice that in each game no one was talking we weren't cheering on our peacatch. Or 3rd game was the problem when we lost 7-6 just by on run. I was keeping my head up high the team wasn't. Our cosh said its all right we win we lose games.

Lucky we had a 2rd chance to win the tournament. but after the game that we lost we had a bye pass meaning that we can rest for our next game, eating & watch the other teams play. There we were playing against sylvia park school. 3 of our players hit a home run. Boom side away or turn to felid they scored on run just one but it was okay because we scored six runs. We were celebrating already 3 teams came 1st. The girls went against each other. One team came 3rd & the other 3 teams came 1st...


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Week 5 Problem Solving

I was learning you solve unknown problems by myself. I never knew that you could solve it like until last year. I solve 3 problems under 10 minutes just like that I used my brains & at the my teacher told me use the calculator after I am done with all the questions I got them all right. See how I can solve these problems on this slide that I posted

Zack & TJ's Deconstructing & Re-crafting

Image result for caught the fish on the wharfWaiting on the dock was Josh ready for a lucky catch. While he was waiting. Fast as nothing was a fish that pulled his rod and Josh almost dropped his rod. Josh was thinking of ideas to bring this beast up from the water. This monster is mysterious. Josh turned around and there was nobody fishing by to help Josh. Josh really needed help.

Finally after 4 or 5 minutes there’s a family wanting to fish. As soon as my eyes saw them I yelled for help. They were running towards josh like their life was on the line. I was holding the rod hard like if I was lifting a 50 kg weight and trying to get this fish from under the water. The family left but came back with all the equipment they needed to help josh they grabbed a large net, fishing rod, hooks whatever they needed and to help catch the large fish with josh. Finally they caught the mysterious beast that look’s like a monster.