Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Zack & TJ's Deconstructing & Re-crafting

Image result for caught the fish on the wharfWaiting on the dock was Josh ready for a lucky catch. While he was waiting. Fast as nothing was a fish that pulled his rod and Josh almost dropped his rod. Josh was thinking of ideas to bring this beast up from the water. This monster is mysterious. Josh turned around and there was nobody fishing by to help Josh. Josh really needed help.

Finally after 4 or 5 minutes there’s a family wanting to fish. As soon as my eyes saw them I yelled for help. They were running towards josh like their life was on the line. I was holding the rod hard like if I was lifting a 50 kg weight and trying to get this fish from under the water. The family left but came back with all the equipment they needed to help josh they grabbed a large net, fishing rod, hooks whatever they needed and to help catch the large fish with josh. Finally they caught the mysterious beast that look’s like a monster.   

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