Friday, 18 March 2016

How would it feel?

Image result for accomplishingLast year the year 2015 I have gained trust from my teachers also from my friends it took 2 terms for me to earn their trust but it was worth it. I was so glad that they gave me their trust & I gave my trust to them as a return to what they have given to me. Trust means like that you really have hope in someone that won’t hurt you in anyway. Like um … you trust someone to take care of your baby when need to go out for something special in the present.
The same year but just leading onto the school holidays. I have achieve one of many things that year like being the fastest year 6 in East Auckland ( Do You Know How It Feels? ). It was awesome that night I achieve one of my goals lucky I didn’t cry that night that would of be embarrassing.

Some things I would like accomplish in 2016 is my teacher's trust the same as last year. I know it will a long time but when I'm silly that would a problem. I really looking forward to what the school in providing for us like Swimming, Starting tek in tamaki college & Fitness for year 7 & 8.

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