Friday, 20 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

My school's immersion assembly always starts off with a item, that's explains something about the theme or before they explain the theme. Music can have vocal or just instruments, ( or both ) combined in such a way as to produced beauty of form. Music can set people in different moods, to be happy or sad, depressed or thinking.    

Today I am going to elaborate to you about 2 teams, that gave me a good expression to start school. 

Thumb's up for my feedback. I hope you enjoy my feedback of what I like about the teams.

Team 2 sang ~ The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Lion Sleeps Tonight is a very special song, written by an artist known as Soloman Ntsele A.K.A Solomon Popoli Linda.  With a slow setting that captures the crowd's attention. 

Team 4 ~ Carpool Karaoke - Karaoke can entertain a whole group of numbers, it's normally preformed by someone who is doing a cover. Carpool karaoke is different it's when not only one person sings, but everyone in the vehicle . That can set the mood if your going some where far, you'll forget about how long the ride will be because you will be to busy singing. ( With you family or friends ) 

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