Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My Time at Rainbows and

Last week friday me and my family went to rainbow end’ first we had to go pay for tickets’.Then we went to go on the less boring rides first’ then we went bestest ride every like the fear fall and the invadar We had an awesome time at rainbows end’there was lots of people we had to wait for every.Theres a ride called a bumper boats‘there only take seven per boat’.There is one ride called scorpion’ karts I came first when I overtake’.After 7 hours we went to have lunch we had Cows junior’.We all had the 5 dollar meal.After that our came ‘to pick us up so we can go to his place me and my two sisters was’ the only one that went there’.It was lots of  fun we stayed  up all night about how fun we had’.

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  1. TJ nice work on your holiday highlight I like shot TJ. by junior


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