Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My time at Mega Z Zone with my friends

W.A.L.T>HAVE a awesome time to my friends birthday.

Image result for bowlingGuest what I did on the holidays? I went to my friend name Zachariah because it was has birthday and got to take Me and my other Friend Junior and go to bowling.
We were waiting for has mum to come back from the hosterbel so she can drive as to bowling and look after as for the day. When we got to bowling we started off with bowling and it was Junior first time doing bowling and me and Zachariah have already done bowling befor and when it was done I beat everybody and come first. And when we were done we went to go and play on the arcade with some tokens from  Zachariah mum and enjoy playing lot’s of games.

Image result for megazone
Not that long ago It was my friends birthday  he’s taking the same 2 people that took   to my birthday’. Zacks little brothers and mum took junior and birthday boy and me. To go mega zone when we got in to Mega Zone we saw a very big gaming arcade, we thought it was a small place but when we walked inside there were a lot of games and other cool activities, am saying "other"s because I will tell you about the best part. When we got to the counter we all saw the Bumper cars, I never thought that they had bumper cars inside, I was excited my mum asked what we wanted to do? We all wanted to drive the bumper cars, which I thought was awesome. I had so much fun driving around bumping into T.J and Junior and my little brother's Benjamin and Lorenzo and there were lazer tag and mini golf in the dark………

I really hope that you in joe what i have written.


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