Monday, 11 May 2015

Duck Life

Name of Game:Duck-Life
How do you score/ win: ?
Difficulty: 6/10

Duck-Life is a good game. You feed your duck to get some more energy and get at racing. It only goes up to 150 for the race and your energy only goes up to 50 that is the max for your energy when up get up to world championship you try and beat other races and you. I will give this a 7/10 if you called add a friend to play with you i will give this a 10/10 but it not so 7/10

I would give the link to my friend because it is a very excellent game. This is a game about upgrading your energy to 50 because that is the max and 150 is the max for everything onces you have max everything it will be easier than you think.

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