Monday, 27 July 2015

Bank Teller

Bank Teller
I want to be a bank teller because I am really trustworthy of what I do. I don’t like cheating because that is unfair. It’s like saying that I'm giving 20 pieces or 50 pieces to my friend. I like this job because I get 3 P.T’s per week or less. This is a really good job for me because I like hard work and being sensible when I tell some pieces over or P.T’s. I also like this job because I get to come to school very early and get some more pieces for doing the windows and cleaning the shoes and operate like an ATM for other people to put in pieces or P.T’s if they didn't have the time to put it in.

I really want this job because I get more trust from the teachers. This means they trust me more than they did now. Student’s only tell Bank tellers what to do because they want a lot of pieces meaning that If someone has a friend that is a bank teller they’all ask and keep on asking until they get some their or P.T’s in there bank. Please trust me because I am not that kind of person. I really hope that I get this job.

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