Monday, 19 October 2015

What I did in the hoildays

Two week’s ago on saturday on the 10th of oct just me & my 2 sisters went to go celebrate my sister birthday. In my family I have 2 sister’s and 2 brothers. My sister's are Laita it was her birthday she’s 14 now my other sister is luta. It was 4.30 pm we had 45 dollars to spend we went to a restaurant called Indian pepper. We had a special meal for only 10 dollars. The meal is curry & some soft bread with rice 3 meals for only 30 dollars. Only available between 12:00-3:00 lunch times. So I ask my sister laita and luta what would you chose out of a restaurant an Indian restaurant or chinese restaurant.They said and Indian restaurant because anybody can cook food like chinese meals.
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