Friday, 17 March 2017

2017 Polyfest

Thursday the 16th of March. Team 5 gathered around to travel on a bus, to Manukau, for the 2017 Polyfest. It was about a, 10 - 17 minute ride. We hopped off at gate 3, noticing that we were too early, to begin our tour. So we waited!! We heard some school waiata’s, that was being performed at the Te reo Maori stage.

It was time to being our tour. Walking and learning about, keeping firewise. In the kitchen, if there was a pot. That was lit on fire! We were told not to mix, water with fire. As they do not go well together. We were also told, if there was a fire on a pot. Put some soaking wet tea towels.                

As the day went on. So did the performances. Team 5 was put into individual groups, by Classes because normally we're one big unit. So... It was cool & intensive to watch the girls put, effort, leadership, and commitment towards their culture. The music would be so loud, ear plugs would be needed to block the sound.           

I think the favourite part I had, was??? Eating watermelon which was stacked with Ice cream on top, plus getting free glasses and a visor hat ( tennis hats ), And a Chinaman's hat.

Thank you for reading my reflection story about Polyfest 2k17.
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  1. Hi TJ,
    This is a descriptive piece of writing. I like that you've tried to use as much detail as possible in your sentences. You are all so lucky you got to the Polyfest. I wish I went too. Hope you're having a great term and working hard and behaving yourself.

    Love from Miss Lavakula


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