Monday, 22 September 2014

TJ's Musuem Recount

Trip to the Museum

On Thursday class 6, 7, & 8 went to the museum on the school bus.I find out about the body part about the murad did you know that class 6 and 7 went to find food but they had to find tools our trap’s.

It was so cool we got to do a maori haka to our vites did you know that if you do the pukana it means I will kill you I will get you and eat you for dinner.If there is going to be an earthquake you will see the steam come out of the water.
Another haka is called ke my maori it is a song about a maori madrid it is so cool learning about the parts of the madrid did you that the two poles are the heart.
makes sense and
the reader can
understand it easily.
Sentences are punctuated.

The paragraph is about 1
main idea
(usually in the first sentences)
with more details about it in
the next sentences.
Technical words, juicy
language and interesting
vocabulary used.

Sentences are varied -
some simple some complex.


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