Friday, 12 February 2016

About Room 1

In room 1 We have Mr Wiseman for our home-class. Do you know that we have to change classes ( 2 times) per day? One is reading & writing the 2rd one is maths. This year I am really looking forward to having pizza because every 2 weeks. The class that has the most points gets to eat pizza because of their  hard work most. The only way to earn points are by doing everything right like if the teacher wants you to do something you would do it would you? I would even if my reward is eating a pizza. At the end we have to make up chants one best thing about winning

I am also looking forward for our school fiafia. It's about the whole joining the one subject like hip hop, Kapa haka & all kinds of stuff. After that is all done we would have 6 weeks to practice.

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