Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Sunset

You think alien aren’t real am I right? Well you know people is trying to keep the secret  in. Think about it we took 45 - 70 years  to build a rocket. Have you seen an alien spaceship type it up on youtube or the web’ & you all know what an alien looks like.  Aliens  is a 1986  American science-fiction. Think about if we can build time travel, think how fast they can their evern 10 million times better than we are.  Along with futuristic elements such as spacecraft, robots, cyborgs,interstellar space travel or other technologies.

Anyway it was another day just a sample day. I got ready for school like every other kid I ran cause I was late staying up playing games. But then I felt like someone or something was watching me day after day. Until one day that feeling was gone & what ever it was it had marger Ninja skills stealth like god.
When that day was over that feeling came back to me

so I set up traps like no can & I slept with my own bat a baseball bat of course but it went away that thing I think that it notice I set traps under my bed on the doors even next to the windows`

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