Friday, 10 June 2016

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Long Long ago in the time of 1870's it was colder than ice and joey is the only survivor searching for other survivors. Joey needed help he had bruises and cuts all over his body, he didn’t have that much power inside his legs could barely move plus nothing left of his food. Joey was dead for sure but hope was still standing. In 1 hour joey had made a fire to keep him warm and was breeding out. From miles out of nowhere a man had run over and said “you must be a survivor.” Joey had asked the man to help him heal and the man throw Joey an aid kit. The man asked him what is your name and Joey replied “My name is Joey Wheeler I used to live in the village over there.” Joey asked the man what is your name and the man said “People called me Adam dragneel my family was murdered when I was 7 it been 17 years and I stayed in the dark all alone.” Joey said “his parents died in the earthquake that happened a month ago”.

Adam said to Joey “ we should get going Joey because it is dangerous here” and Joey 7 replied “ ok.” Adam had given Joey some of his clothes to keep joey warm because joey had ripped clothes and was shivering. Adam and Joey took off and found a car adam had hot wired the car and got it going. Adam didn’t know how to drive and said to Joey “can you drive cars” asked Adam and Joey hopped onto the driver's seat and took off. The car didn’t have that much gas so they had to make the most of it so they can get far enough to get somewhere. Joey was driving at 100 and to make it extra it had 200 horsepower and was speeding past cracks that made the road bumble and was dangerous. After 45 minutes the car started to slow down because it had run out of gas and joey had pulled over and the car stopped and Adam and Joey got out of the car and walked. After 10 minutes they saw a village close by and run over there for safety and found a building that was good to use and had a basement with dead people in it. From miles you could hear thunder and it was not that far from the village so they had to get whatever they need to take and leave.  

THUNDER THUNDER THUNDER Thunder was getting close and was heading for the village and was going to destroy it. Adam and Joey run for their life they had to climb up the mountain so they can survive up there. When they got there they had saw some tents and used one of them to keep the warm. In the tent there were food and tools they needed to use to climb the mountain adam was happy that he found tools because they were what him and Joey needed to survive the big thunder storms.  After the thunder the mountain started to shake and was getting worst because they knew something big from coming so they run fast as soon as possible. The mountain broke down and there was a beast frozen under the mountain and could believe their eyes they saw a monster. While they were looking at the monster they were in the air and was falling down and didn’t know because that were shocked about the monster. Adam and Joey hit the ground and died their bodies had hit the ground so hard they had broken brokens and killed themselfs.

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