Tuesday, 21 June 2016

What is "SO O TAUAU"

Their are 3 P's that can brighten someone eases day or yours really. #1 Positive when it is something
bad can try to think about the bright side say something nice to them. #2 Peer peer means that
you have someone or someone older just like u but the only differences is that their are older then
say that i'm 11 because I am & their is a 24 year old older then you but you wanna stay with your people I hope that you get the idea. #3 Presents means future is going to be made by someone also that thing they invented will help you be happy their wont wanna stop protecting you. Did you notice that all 3 P's are about
"SO O TAUAU". One more So o tauau also means to join someones shoulder make their life better make them go beyond there limits just like their BRAIN their can do anything in their.. BYE  

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