Thursday, 9 June 2016

Trials for Bill Mclaren

WALT: Manage ourselves and our time to complete a piece of writing.

Bill Mclaren



Who: Tevita and Zack
What: Got selected for the next trial
Where: Mount Wellington union grounds
When: On Friday Night
Why: Because we give it a shot and didn’t give up and made it.  


Tevita and Zack was selected to trial for Bill Mclaren East team and trained on sundays on wednesday that had a test game against each other, Tevita and Zack were there. Tevita and Zack were put into a team and had to play union because the Bill Mclaren team was a union team. Bill Mclaren is a union rep team for Auckland and was undefeated for 2 year and are trying to make it 3 years. There was a blue team and a yellow team and everyone got a turn to have a turn and go on the other team.

There was another team and that was called walter dickson and they were all that were under and was selected to play for them. Some of the walter dickson kids came and tried for Bill Mclaren and walter dickson and only was allowed to play for one team. The training and game were at Mount Wellington union grounds and was at the back of countdown. Tevita and Zack saw bigger people than them and wasn’t afraid of the bigger boys then them and give it a shot and didn’t give up and made it to the next trial. The trial only had 28 boys and Tevita and Zack trained hard to make that 22 people in Bill Mclaren East Rep team.

Bill Mclaren & Walter Dickson Defending champs for 2 years in a row Bill Mclaren are aiming for 3 years in a row just like Walter dickson. The only difference between Walter dickson & Bill Mclaren is that Walter dickson is for the teams for under weighted & Bill Mclaren is open meaning that you can be over 80kgs. William Pollock "Bill" McLaren (16 October 1923 – 19 January 2010) was a Scottish rugby union commentator, teacher, journalist and one time rugby player. Known as 'the voice of rugby', he retired from commentating in 2002. Renowned throughout the sport, his enthusiasm and memorable turn of phrase endeared him to many.

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