Friday, 26 June 2015

Explanining My Game

Our task for the term was to make our own side scrolling game. With our own ideas. I named my game Saint boss attack. You have to save the world before it’s too late when the boss makes a weapon and destroys the world.

My lead character is Boss of evil he is a bad guy that tries to destroy the world but he always fails when he’s on the mission. I have three other character that are good. There mission is to stop the boss of evil before it’s too late. The good guys always defeat him because they’re one step ahead of him. But the Boss of evil has little men that help him with his mission.

When you get your character you have to kill men that haves powers it will be hard because they have powers to turn little to big any size they want. You have at least 3 live with shoot you with there laser gun you lose points and with defeat them you get a point.

To move you have to push the arrows or wads to jump you push space bar.
One level is a coin level just to by your character bye your character. Two win and save the Master of Queensland you have to go to NS world and when you complete the mission you get rewarded with money.

I have to write about our own annotation

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