Friday, 19 June 2015

My own Anzac Reflection

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August 29th 1914 is when the first world war started. Archduke Franz Ferdinand were shot and they were in hire for hunger.
In world war 1 there was a new zealander man and his name was private william ham.He was fighting in a area around turkey called suez Canal.He died from getting killed by the germans.

The weapons they used in World War 1 was Gas, Snipers, Grenades, Tank, Zeppelin, planes and machine guns.
Is that the immediate cause was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the archduke of Austria-Hungary. His death at the hands of Gavrilo Princip – a Serbian nationalist with ties to the secretive military group known as the Black Hand – propelled the major European military powers towards war.

World war 1 started in August the 29th 1914.
They dug holes and, if possible, put timber over them to allow something to stand or sit on. Then they filled in the holes, and dug new ones, again with timber over them.

I have mark it like this because i think that i should be doing batter at my level and my level is ten an a half. I really hope that I be Batter now that i really am.

My own questions

  1. What happened on August 29th, 1914?
  2. On what date did NZ’s first soldier die?
  3. What kind of weapons they used for the world war 1
  4. Why did they have World War 1?
  5. What date did War started?
  6. How did they go toilet?
  7. How did they know they didn’t come at night?

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