Friday, 19 June 2015

Joe Gock Description

Walt: find evidence and clues from the text to create a character descriptionWe did a task about Joe Gock. Joe and Fay Gock were a creative team and they were very kind. We made a presentation about Joe Gock. I have learnt that Joe Gock was the first man to put labels on fruit and he made a box that was called the Gock Broccoli Box. We did a google slide about Joe Gock because how he event a lot suff like to be the first one ever to put a sticker on a fruit. That how he became famous. He also event heaters that go under the ground and when We learnt about Joe gock, his goal was to win the bledisloe cup so we made a padlet about friendship.Joe gock was the first person in mankind to put labels on fruit. and was the first person to put heaters in the ground to make the kumara warm. and the warmth made them grow quicker. Joe Gock was the first one to put stickers on fruits like apples. He was a kind man. One of his inventions was make heater in the dirt to keep the kumama warm and so it can grow better.The task was to make a padlet about him.

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