Monday, 8 June 2015

My Paragraph Rubric about Anzac Writing

Walt: asses our writing using a rubric
I have been working on an Info post. On the 3rd slide that is my work the others are my friend work. We all have been reading a book about guy that are 20 and below 45 have to go to war if they don't there will be called cowweds
The first thing i did well was my Planing. I am proud that my friends are helping been and they agree with my writing. I’M so happy that I have friends to back me up and help me with my planning.I have realised that I should have more senses tens with more ideas.

I didn’t remember to put in more information about my writing.
The next time I write is to improve my writing and hope that i do better at.
My goal for writing is Try an worker then I am Now.
I have Chosen This because I want to do better in writing.

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